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2015 ISCEV Symposium Ljubljana
ISCEV members are currently voting to elect Board members, select the venue for the 2017 symposium and to consider adopting an updated ERG standard. Those eligible to vote received their e-ballot on 24 September 2014. Election results will be announced shortly after the voting deadline 24 November 2014.
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ERG Standard 2014, draft vs 4.7
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Position available (Specialist)
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Emiko Adachi awarded “Order of the Sacred Treasure…”
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The objectives of the society are

 ISCEV Board of Directors


Prof A Patrizia Tormene
Ophthalmic Clinic
Padova University, Italy




Dr Ruth Hamilton
Clinical Scientist
Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow, UK

Vice Presidents Europa/Africa: Richard Smith ,  Asia/Australia: Shuichi Yamamoto, Americas: Mitch Brigell

Mathias Seeliger

Editor, Doc Ophthalmol Pierre Lachapelle
Director of Education Dorothy Thompson
Director of International Communications Michael Bach
Director of Standards Daphne L McCulloch
Members at Large Mary Johnson, Mineo Kondo, Charlotte M Reiff, Carol Westall, Zheng Q Yin
Honorary Members (with year of election) AE Kohlrausch (1961), RA Granit (1965), HM Burian (1973), G Karpe (1973), HE Henkes (1983), T Tomita (1983), E Dodt (1992), LH van der Tweel (1988), GB Arden (1994), SE Nilsson (1996) N Galloway (2002), E Adachi (2003), G Niemeyer (2003), Y Miyake (2007), W Dawson (2009), C Barber (2012), E Zrenner (2012)


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