Joining ISCEV

Applications (letter, fax, email) are sent to:

Department of Clinical Physics
Royal Hospital for Children
1345 Govan Road, Glasgow G51 4TF

Include the information below with your application for the database:



I wish to become a member of ISCEV.

Name (Given Name / Family Name) 

Academic Degree (Title) 


Work Institution  

Mail address 



Work phone No.                                   Fax No. 

Email address 

Category of Membership Application (choose one) Categories – Regular, Junior*, family (partner of regular member), Corporate member


A statement of support from an ISCEV member is needed. This can be sent by post, fax or e-mail.


There is no need to send the membership fee (current fees). The treasurer will notify you when your application has been processed and you can then pay online.

Membership is normally back-dated to the beginning of the year in which application is made (and back issues of Documenta Ophthalmologica sent) or, if the end of the year is near, carried forward to the new year.


* Applicants for junior membership must also ask their supervisor to send a statement confirming their status including an indication of the duration of their study or training. Please send this statement as an e-mail attachment (or include it with applications sent by fax or post).



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